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Conservation and Stewardship Approach

Conservation and stewardship are a shared responsibility. By working together land users, landowners and the government have a responsibility to protect and enhance the environment.

Conservation and Stewardship Tools

The Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) expands the conservation and stewardship toolbox by providing options for decision-makers, such as conservation easements, directives, offsets and transfer of development credits. 

Efficient Use of Land

Provides land managers and land users a set of broad principles and a tool kit describing a variety of best practices to help reduce the footprint of Alberta's built environment and promote orderly development. 

Land Disturbance Footprint

Minimizing new disturbance caused by human activity is a shared responsibility. Coordinated planning, reclamation, restoration of disturbances, and managed motorized access are a few ways in which we can make a difference.