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Cumulative Effects:


"The combined effects of past, present and reasonably foreseeable land-use activities, over time, on the environment."

- Excerpt from Land-use Framework (2008) -

Environmental Management System


Through regional planning, as well as other initiatives, Alberta is shifting to a more effective and efficient management system that considers the cumulative effects of all activities and improves integration across the economic, environmental and social pillars.

Cumulative Effects Management


The cumulative effects of population growth and economic development in the regions are increasing pressures on the region's air, water, land and biodiversity. The Government of Alberta is committed to responsible development. 

Regional Outcomes and Objectives


Regional plans define regional outcomes (economic, environmental and social) and a broad plan for land and natural resource use on public and private lands. For each regional plan, objectives are also established, along with the strategies and actions that will be used to achieve them. 

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting


Integrated monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems are essential to assess achievement of regional outcomes and objectives. These systems help determine the effectiveness of the regional plan and initiate corrective action where required.

Environmental Management Frameworks


Frameworks are a key approach to manage the long term cumulative effects of development on the environment at a regional level. Management frameworks can establish environmental limits and triggers for air quality, surface water and groundwater quality and quantity, biodiversity and land disturbance. Limits are clear boundaries in the system not to be exceeded.

Monitoring Community 


The Environmental Monitoring Agency and the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Program are joint undertakings among government, industry, academic, and non-governmental organizations to conduct environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Information from these partnerships will be scientifically credible, accessible and open.