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Publications and Forms


Land-use Framework publications including regional plans, Regional Advisory Council advice to government, public and stakeholder consultation summaries and administrative forms.


Implementation Progress and 

Results Reporting 


Monitoring, evaluation and results reporting on the overall state of the land within each region, and progress toward achieving provincial and regional land-use outcomes. Annual, five- and ten-year reports will speak directly to each regional plan.



Legislation and Regulations


Key Government of Alberta legislation and regulations that, along with regional plans, provide high level direction.


Strategies and Policies


Government of Alberta strategies and operational policies that translate higher level regulations and legislation into more clearly defined expectations.


Maps and Shapefiles


Digitized PDF maps and companion ESRI shapefiles spatially describing management of land and resources based on the Land-use Framework, advice to government and regional plans.



Knowledge Network 


A land-use knowledge system that contributes to effective land-use planning, analysis and decision-making in Alberta. It connects researchers, practitioners, institutions and programs to address strategic needs and priorities for the Land-use Framework.


Alberta Tomorrow


An interactive simulator that allows you to see how your decisions about the economy, the environment and social goals would affect the future of Alberta. 



Definitions of terms used within the Land-use Framework and regional planning publications.