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Stewardship Minister Jason Nixon

Minister of AESRD



The Honourable Jason Nixon

is the Stewardship Minister

and the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks


What's New



  • Land-use Framework Regional Plans Progress Report 2016 is released. Read more>>>


  • The amended South Saskatchewan Regional Plan came into effect May 31, 2018. Visit the SSRP page to learn more or download the amended plan, maps and shapefiles.


  • Alberta Environment and Parks released new land management plans for the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills areas to help conserve and protect sensitive ecosystems. The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan will be amended to reflect the new changes. Learn more>>>


  • The North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council’s recommendations survey is now closed. Government is now reviewing the results. Email us at if you have further questions. Visit the NSRP page to learn more about the next steps.


  • Land-use Framework Regional Plans Progress Report 2015 is released. Read more>>>

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This site is prepared as an overview of land-use regional planning in Alberta. It is not a legal interpretation. Interested parties are encouraged to review the appropriate sections of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, regional plans, related legislation and regulations. Refer to the Copyright and Disclaimer for terms of use.