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Our Vision and Our Future


No longer satisfied with the status quo, Albertans are looking for stronger provincial leadership to introduce the changes necessary to better balance our economic growth with our social and environmental values. The Government of Alberta welcomes this challenge, and the Land-use Framework proposes a path to the future that Albertans want.


To achieve this goal, we propose a vision that will guide and inspire our collective journey. To ensure that we can meaningfully measure successful progress, we propose three desired outcomes. To help achieve these outcomes, we adopt a set of guiding principles that will shape and inform our actions.


- Excerpt from Land-use Framework (2008) –


Provincial Vision


Our vision for Alberta is: 


Albertans work together to respect and care for the land as the foundation of our economic, environmental and social well-being.


We are grateful for the natural wealth and beauty that we have inherited and acknowledge our collective duty to pass this natural bounty on to the next generation—as good as, or better than, we received it.


Our vision statement confirms that Albertans’ well-being is more than just jobs and economic development. Our quality of life includes significant environmental, social and cultural dimensions. The vision also confirms the principles of sustainability and inter-generational responsibilities. The vision makes it clear that managing our land is a shared responsibility that involves all Albertans—including landowners, industry, aboriginal peoples, and governments.



Provincial Desired Outcomes


To translate our vision into reality, three provincial outcomes are identified. Actions taken to implement the Land-use Framework must contribute—directly or indirectly— to these outcomes. The outcomes are inter-related and of equal importance although trade-offs may be required. Trade-offs will be reflected in regional plans and regional outcomes.


1. Healthy economy supported by our land and natural resources

Includes current and future economic benefits realized by the use and enjoyment of our land and natural resources. Much of Alberta’s prosperity is derived from the land and other natural resources. We must ensure our land and natural resources continue to provide economic benefits to Albertans over time.



Outcomes and principles that will be reflected in regional plans include:

  • Alberta’s natural resources are developed in a way that optimizes value for the broadest number of Albertans and reduces waste.
  • Innovation, value-added diversification, global competitiveness and balanced and responsible use of natural resources are crucial to sustain Alberta’s economy.
  • The interests of surface users and surface and subsurface developments are managed effectively.
  • Land and resource use promotes diverse industries, stimulates environmentally sound economic activity and leaves economic opportunities open for future Albertans.
2. Healthy ecosystems and environment

Alberta lands should be managed to ensure healthy ecosystems. Albertans accept the responsibility to steward our land, air, water and biodiversity so that they pass on to the next generation in as good or better condition as we received them. The means to achieve this outcome may vary from region to region and be different on public and private lands, but the goal is the same.




Outcomes and principles that will be reflected in regional plans include: 

  • The life-supporting capacity of air, water, land and biodiversity are maintained or enhanced, and the natural resources that form part of the environment are sustained.
  • The intrinsic value of nature is respected.
  • Soil and soil fertility are maintained and/or enhanced.
  • The quality and quantity of ground and surface water are protected.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution are reduced, waste is minimized, and there is biodiversity and abundance of native species and their natural habitats.
  • Communities are prepared to respond to and adapt to a changing climate and environmental events (e.g., floods, drought). 
3. People-friendly communities with ample recreational and cultural opportunities

Albertans live in communities. How we design, plan and recreate in and how we move through the communities, and how these communities grow, impacts the land and future land use in Alberta. We want our communities to be safe and healthy, and we want citizens of Alberta to have ready access to parks, forests and other areas to pursue outdoor recreational and cultural interests.


Outcomes and principles that will be reflected in regional plans include: 

  • Settlement development and land use focus on efficient use of land, infrastructure, public services and public facilities.
  • Significant historical resources are identified and protected, and potential impacts are managed effectively. Alberta’s parks inspire people to value, enjoy and discover the natural world and the benefits it provides for current and future generations.
  • Public, stakeholders and aboriginal peoples have consultation opportunities.




Our Future  


Each of us has a role in determining the future of Alberta’s land. As Albertans, we need to talk about what is most important to us, and how that affects our land. And each of us is also faced with a challenge to manage our activities so that the land and the land uses we rely on can be sustained. Our actions will help ensure that the land continues to sustain us, our way of life, and all other forms of life.


The Government of Alberta is committed to building regional plans with the participation of Albertans. As government prepares to consult, dates and locations will be posted on the Public Consultations page as well as on the Government of Alberta public consultation website