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Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting



Monitoring, evaluation and reporting are key activities for the success of a regional plan. To respond effectively to changing circumstances and new information, government must have a way to assess regional planning progress on objectives and outcomes and initiate corrective action where required. A system of monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement is needed to determine the effectiveness of the regional plan (i.e., to determine if land-use strategies and actions will fulfill the regional plans’ objectives and outcomes).






On an ongoing basis, government will systematically collect and store data for indicators about progress toward the achievement of regional plan outcomes. The supporting indicators (such as those found in Results Reporting) show the broad economic, environmental and social outcomes desired for the region. Government will be responsible for collecting data for these indicators over the span of the regional plan and for monitoring the data trends showing changes occurring in the region.






The monitoring data will undergo rigorous evaluation, analysis and interpretation of results within the context of government policies and strategies designed to achieve the regional objectives and to ensure that management actions are appropriate spatially and temporally.


This includes ministerial evaluation of monitoring data against the limits and triggers established for the region. Wherever possible, the contributions of subject matter experts within the stakeholder community will be encouraged as input into this process.






Government will use various mechanisms to formally communicate on regional plan progress to the public, including the release of reports on a regular basis that speak directly to the plan, as well as ministry communications that address more specific aspects of the plan. Government websites like this one and other government websites will also be sources for monitoring information and progress updates related to the regional plans.


At least once every five years, an audit committee will be appointed to determine if regional objectives and policies are meeting the purposes of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act. The committee will make a public report to the Stewardship Minister. At least once every 10 years, a comprehensive review of the plan and a report on its effectiveness will be initiated by the Land Use Secretariat and submitted to the Stewardship Minister. This review may result in the plan being amended, replaced, renewed or repealed.


Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Process



Continuously Improving


This on-going cycle of monitoring, evaluating and reporting encourages continuous improvements in decision-making and actions, so current and future generations achieve the balance desired between economic, environmental and social outcomes in a region.