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​​​​​​​10-Year Review


The Alberta Land Stewardship Act requires the Land Use Secretariat to, at least once every 10 years, review each regional plan and report to the Stewardship Minister on its ongoing relevancy and effectiveness. The Land Use Secretariat announced the 10-year review of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan commenced on August 26, 2022. See the announcement here​.

The Lower Athabasca Regional Plan remains in effect, continues to be implemented and provides strategic direction for the region.

The Land Use Secretariat will consider lessons learned in implementing the existing regional plans, their 5-Year Evaluations, implementation progress reports, land-use planning advancements and feedback provided over the past 10 years as part of its review.  For the 10-year review of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan, the government has requested the Land Use Secretariat consider the recommendations of the Review panel report 2015: Lower Athabasca Regional Plan.

Get involved


​As part of this review process, feedback from Albertans, Indigenous communities and other key stakeholders will help the Land Use Secretariat assess the ongoing relevancy and effectiveness of the plan in supporting the long-term vision for economic, social and environmental objectives in the region.

Public engagement will take place in the fall of 2022, commencing with the launch of a survey in October hosted on the Government of Alberta Public Enga​gement​ site​. The online survey for the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan 10-year review is now open. Complete the survey to share your perspectives on the ongoing effectiveness and relevance of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan.

In addition, the Land Use Secretariat will be hosting engagement sessions in Fort McMurray, Cold Lake and Edmonton with representatives of key stakeholder groups and Indigenous communities and organizations.​

The Land Use Secretariat has published two new reports ​that provide detailed information in support of the 10-year review:


The Land Use Secretariat leads the process for developing and reviewing regional plans for government. A 10-year review does not amend, repeal or replace the regional plan. The 10-year review will result in a report from the Land Use Secretariat to the Stewardship Minister on the ongoing relevancy and effectiveness of the regional plan.​


To contact the Land Use Secretariat about the LARP 10-year review, email