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North Saskatchewan Regional Planning


Status: Phase 1 consultation is complete. Regional Advisory Council preparing Recommendation to Government report.  


The table below outlines the steps taken and documents produced during the planning process that are critical to the development of a plan for the South Saskatchewan Region.



Phase 1

Cabinet approves terms of reference

May 2014

The Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (2014) sets out the process by which the regional plan will be developed, and provides guidance from Cabinet on specific economic, environmental and social factors that must be considered in the region.

Government develops regional profile May 2014

The Profile of the North Saskatchewan Region (2014) provides an overview of key social, economic and environmental factors in the region that need to be considered in developing a regional plan. The report outlines major land uses currently underway, highlights important trends and identifies additional or changing human activities that can be expected in the region.

Public and stakeholders provide input on regional issues May - June 2014

Workshops and information sessions provide the public and stakeholders with information about the regional planning process and gather input on topics raised in the terms of reference for the region. Input is used to inform the Regional Advisory Council and in the development of the draft regional plan.

Cabinet appoints Regional Advisory Council July 2014 Cabinet appoints the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) for the North Saskatchewan Region. RAC is composed of a cross-section of individuals who live, work, recreate and/or have an interest in the region.
Regional Advisory Council provides advice on regional plans July - December 2014

The Regional Advisory Council provides strategic advice to Cabinet in the development of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan in the form of a Recommendation to Government report.

Public and stakeholders provide feedback on RAC advice March - May 2018

The public and stakeholders are invited to provide their input on the Regional Advisory Council's recommendations to help government build the regional plan.

Phase 2
Government develops draft regional plan



Public and stakeholders provide feedback on draft plan


Government produces final plan


Cabinet lays plan before Legislative Assembly then approves final plan