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North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council


Status: Online survey is now open untill May 4, 2018.


North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Advice to the Government


The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) will provide strategic advice to the Government of Alberta in the development of the regional plan based on the Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan.  



Terms of Reference of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (2014)


The Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan provides guidance on the scope of the regional plan and outlines key areas where the Regional Advisory Council's advice is sought.


North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Members


The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) was appointed by Cabinet and  consists of 27 members. The RAC is led by a Chair which represents the Government of Alberta.  

North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Team Charter


The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) Team Charter will outline the purpose, philosophy and guiding principles, roles and responsibilities, code of conduct, operating protocols and more to facilitate development of strategic advice and recommendations to the Government of Alberta.  



Albertans are invited to provide their input on the Regional Advisory Council’s recommendations to help government develop the regional plan. The online survey will be open until May 4, 2018. Complete the online survey now.


The Government of Alberta has established a Regional Advisory Council (RAC) for the North Saskatchewan Region to provide strategic advice in the development of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (NSRP). Members of the RAC are appointed by Cabinet through a public and transparent nomination process, which included apublic advertising campaign.


RAC is composed of a cross-section of individuals who live, work, recreate and/or have an interest in the region, and are able to strategically consider what is best for the entire region at a holistic level. Members are expected to provide their expertise and perspectives of the region and not represent their respective company or organization’s position.


For additional information about this campaign or the Council, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Regional Advisory Council.


Terms of Reference

The RAC provides advice to the Government of Alberta based on a terms of reference for each regional plan. The Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan provides guidance on the scope of the regional plan and outlines key areas where the RAC’s advice is sought.

These areas include:

- The vision, outcomes and strategic directions proposed for the North Saskatchewan region;

- Continued growth of Alberta Industrial Heartland and Capital Region as a value-add energy sector and supporting growth of the Lower Athabasca region;

- Enhancing transportation, transmission, pipelines and access to markets;

- Maintaining agricultural lands and meeting demand for agriculture and agri-food products;

- Enhancing recreation opportunities to meet growing demands for off-highway vehicle use and random camping;

- Enhancing information sharing and building stronger relationships with Aboriginal peoples;

- Promoting inter-municipal planning;

- Increasing cumulative footprint of communities and the need to use land efficiently;

- Achieving an appropriate balance for lakes in the region between a healthy environment with the current and future pressures and uses, including recreation, municipal, industrial and agricultural activities;

- Identification of potential new conservation areas to support biodiversity, specifically the identification of new potential conservation areas that are managed to protect sensitive habitats and maintain ecological systems and processes;

- Improving the way working landscapes are managed to maintain ecosystem function and biodiversity; and

- Recognizing private landowners for their stewardship and conservation and opportunities to increase private landowner awareness and use of voluntary tools.




North Saskatchewan RAC Meeting Minutes and Agendas


November 25-26, 2014 Minutes 8: Review of the Draft Recommendations Report - RAC's advice to the Government of Alberta Agenda 8 - NSRP-RAC

October 21-23, 2014

 Minutes 7: Review of RAC's draft Recommendations to Government report Agenda 7 - NSRP-RAC

October 7-9, 2014

Minutes 6: Full review of all recommendations and advice from sessions 1 - 5 Agenda 6 - NSRP-RAC

September 23-25, 2014

Minutes 5: Strengthen relationships and aboriginal involvement, enhance collaboration, maintain agricultural land base, attract tourism investment

Agenda 5 - NSRP-RAC


September 9-11, 2014

Minutes 4: Recognizing private landowners for stewardship/conservation initiatives, voluntary tools on private lands, new or expanded conservation areas and strategic directions  

Agenda 4 - NSRP-RAC


August 26-28, 2014

Minutes 3: Industrial access management, ecosystem function and biodiversity, fragmentation of landscapes, reclamation, conservation areas

Agenda 3 - NSRP-RAC


August 12-14, 2014

Minutes 2: Consultation, including Aboriginal process/feedback, recommendations on water and watersheds

Agenda 2 - NSRP-RAC


July 29-31, 2014


Minutes 1: Regional planning, decision-making process, regional drivers and state of the environment   


Agenda 1 - NSRP-RAC