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South Saskatchewan Regional Planning


Status: South Saskatchewan Regional Plan amended.



The table below outlines the steps taken and documents produced during the planning process that are critical to the development of a plan for the South Saskatchewan Region.



Phase 1

Cabinet appoints Regional Advisory Council

 May 2009

Cabinet appoints South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Members (2010) to provide advice, insight and perspective on current and future land-use activities and challenges in the region. The RAC is comprised of members with a cross-section of expertise and experience in the region.

Cabinet approves terms of reference

November 2009

The Terms of Reference for Developing the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (2009) sets out the process by which the regional plan will be developed, and provides guidance from Cabinet on specific economic, environmental and social factors that must be considered in the region.

Government develops regional profile November 2009

The Profile of the South Saskatchewan Region (2009) provides an overview of key social, economic and environmental factors in the region that need to be considered in developing a regional plan. The report outlines major land uses currently underway, highlights important trends and identifies additional or changing human activities that can be expected in the region.

Public and stakeholders provide input on regional issues November - January 2010

Input sessions provide the public and stakeholders with information about the regional planning process and gather input on topics raised in the terms of reference for the region. Three documents (found on the SSRP Consultation page) summarize input gathered from this first phase of public and stakeholders consultations. Input is used to inform the Regional Advisory Council.

Regional Advisory Council provides advice on regional plans February - March 2011

South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Advice to the Government of Alberta Regarding a Vision for the South Saskatchewan Region (2011) describes the RAC’s advice to the Government of Alberta as a response to the Terms of Reference developed for the region. Its contents inform the second phase of public, stakeholder and aboriginal consultation and the development of the draft regional plan.

Phase 2
Public and stakeholders provide feedback on RAC advice November - December 2012

The government consulted Albertans on the advice provided by the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council in late 2012 gathering input through an online workbook and a series of public and stakeholder community conversations held in 20 cities, towns and farming communities throughout the region, in the adjoining and in Edmonton. Feedback was summarized in three documents found on the SSRP Consultation page.

Government develops draft regional plan

January - September 2013

The Draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (2013) creates new conservation areas, establishes environmental limits, protects our water supply and provides clarity about land use and access. 

Phase 3
Public and stakeholders provide feedback on draft plan November - February 2014

Albertans are asked to provide input, through public information sessions, stakeholder workshops or through workbooks, on the draft land-use plan for managing growth pressures and balancing environmental needs in southern Alberta.

Cabinet lays plan before Legislative Assembly then approves final plan July 2014 Cabinet lays the plan before the Assembly and then approves the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan through an Order in Council. It became effective on September 1, 2014. 
Public and stakeholders provide input on Castle area March 2016 Albertans are asked to provide input on the expansion of the Castle Wildland Provincial Park and creation of a Castle Provincial Park. What We Heard Report and What We Heard Summary captures that input.
Cabinet lays plan before Legislative Assembly then approves final plan January 2017 Cabinet lays the plan before the Assembly and approves the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan through an Order in Council. It became effective February 16, 2017. The SSRP establishes a long-term vision for the South Saskatchewan Region and aligns provincial policies at the regional level to balance Alberta's economic, environmental and social goals.
Plan amended again to reflect the creation of Public Land Use Zones and their corresponding management plans March - May 2018 The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan was amended, effective May 31, 2018, to reflect the creation of the Livingstone and Porcupine Hills Public Land Use Zones, the regulation of motorized access limits through the implementation of the Porcupine Hills -Livingstone Land Footprint Management Plan, and the implementation of the Porcupine Hills – Livingstone Recreation Plan.