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Alberta Tomorrow 


Alberta Tomorrow is an online educational tool and land-use simulator that uses GIS technology and satellite imagery to simulate the future effects of human activities on Alberta's wildlife habitat, ecosystem services, and natural resource production. Users are challenged to sustainably manage Alberta's ecosystems.


Alberta Tomorrow is:

  • free
  • unbiased and peer reviewed by qualified scientists
  • endorsed by environmentally focused non-profit organizations, industry and government
  • teacher tested.


With Alberta Tomorrow you can:

  • View videos and discover the potential benefits and impacts of different land-uses and land-use practices in Alberta
  • Improve your understanding of Alberta’ ecosystems and environmental resources, and understand the complexities of land-use planning that balances the environment and economy
  • See what’s happened in your area in the last century, and see what it might look like 30 years from now
  • Track and share water quality and land-use observations with other Albertans
  • Develop your own plan for Alberta’s future.


- Excerpts from Alberta Tomorrow website - 


Visit the Community Knowledge Centre for more information about the tool and the non-profit Alberta Tomorrow Foundation charity which makes it possible.