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Results Reporting 


Through regional plans, outcomes and objectives are established, along with the strategies and actions that will be used to achieve them. Integrated monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems are essential as they are used to assess the achievement of those outcomes and objectives.


Progress Reporting


To ensure plans remain effective, relevant and connected to activities on the landscape, the Government of Alberta is committed to monitoring the progress made toward achieving desired regional and provincial outcomes.


Government will use various mechanisms to formally communicate on regional plan progress to Albertans, including the release of reports that speak directly to the plan as well as ministry communications that address more specific aspects of the plan.


In addition to the Land-use Framework Regional Plan Progress Reports (linked below), the Government of Alberta has also released status and management response reports for environmental management frameworks within the Lower Athabasca region and in the South Saskatchewan region



Regional Plan



Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP)


The LARP came into effect September 2012 and is the first regional plan developed under the Land-use Framework.

The 2013 Progress Report and 2014 Progress Report reviews the progress made towards implementing the strategies outlined in LARP, and provides a snapshot of the region through regional indicators.  


South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP)


The SSRP came into effect  September 2014 and is the second regional plan developed under the Land-use Framework.

The SSRP Progress Report will focus on outcomes, supporting indicators and action items particular to the region and will complement LARP progress reporting.




Five and 10-Year Reporting 


At least once every five years, an audit committee will be appointed to determine if regional objectives and policies are meeting the purposes of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act. The committee will make a public report to the Stewardship Minister.


At least once every 10 years, a comprehensive review of the regional plan and a report on its effectiveness will be initiated by the Land Use Secretariat and submitted to the Stewardship Minister. This review may result in the plan being amended, replaced, renewed or repealed.    


- Excerpts from Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (2012) -