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Strong provincial leadership and clear direction are critical elements for sound land-use planning and resource management in Alberta. 





Cabinet will:

  • Provide provincial oversight of regional planning;
  • Review and decide terms of reference for regional plans;
  • Review and make final decisions on regional plans;
  • Ensure integration of provincial land-use related policies; and
  • Ensure regional plans are implemented to achieve provincial outcomes.




Stewardship Minister


The Stewardship Minister is designated as the minister responsible for the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA). Responsibilities of the Stewardship Minister as well as the Stewardship Commissioner, Land Use Secretariat and Regional Advisory Councils are described in ALSA



Stewardship Commissioner


The Stewardship Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, review and amendment of regional plans, and for reviewing complaints. The Stewardship Commissioner has the authority to investigate complaints about non-compliance and may issue Interpretation Bulletins if further explanation or clarification of the Act or regional plan is needed.



Land Use Secretariat


The Land Use Secretariat (LUS) was established by the Alberta Land Stewardship Act as part of the public service of Alberta but not as part of a government department. The LUS reports to a Stewardship Commissioner and works independently of a department. It is subject only to directives issued by the Stewardship Minister. The Secretariat:


  • Supports development of the terms of reference for regional plans;
  • Leads development of regional plans in conjunction with departments with an interest in land-use (regional planning teams) and in consultation with the Regional Advisory Councils;
  • Communicates with local planning bodies to clarify and interpret plans;
  • Supports policy reconciliation;
  • Provides advice to regional bodies on provincial policy;
  • Ensures effective management of cross-regional infrastructure and policy matters;
  • Assists provincial departments, municipalities and other local authorities in reconciling their respective roles to the Land-use Framework;
  • Provides administration infrastructure and support to Regional Advisory Councils; and
  • Ensures application of cumulative effects assessments.



Regional Advisory Councils 


Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) are comprised of a cross-section of individuals who live, work, recreate/or have an interest in the region, and are able to strategically consider what is best for the entire region at a holistic level. RAC members are appointed by Cabinet through an open and transparent nomination process and will provide advice to the Government of Alberta based on a terms of reference for developing each regional plan.


RAC members are expected to provide their expertise and perspectives of the region and not represent their respective company or organization's position. Council members are also expected to prepare for and attend all council meetings. Alternates are not allowed.


RAC is asked to submit their advice to the Government of Alberta in the form of a Recommendation to Government report. Once RAC has delivered its report, government will engage Albertans through an online survey to obtain feedback on the recommendations.  


The Lower Athabasca Regional Advisory Council and the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council have now fulfilled their mandate.



Contact LUS


For information or assistance, contact Alberta’s Land Use Secretariat at:

Phone: (780) 644-7972​
Fax: (780) 424-2789