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Purpose and Content of Regional Plans



Purpose of Regional Plans


Regional plans will:




Regional plans may:



Regional plans will require amendments if provincial policy or direction changes to ensure that provincial policy and regional plans remain aligned.



Contents of Regional Plans


Refer to the Alberta Land Stewardship Act for a legal description of the content of regional plans.



Regional plans have four key components:


Introduction INFORMS

Includes the purpose of the regional plan, land-use planning and decision-making in Alberta, and how the regional plan will inform land-use decisions.


Strategic Plan GUIDES

Includes the vision for the future of the region along with desired regional outcomes. It builds on existing policies and initiatives by establishing a set of strategic directions that help achieve the regional vision and outcomes.


Implementation Plan DIRECTS

Includes regional objectives, strategies and actions that will be undertaken to support achievement of the regional vision and outcomes and indicators to measure and evaluate progress.


Regulatory Details Plan ENABLES

Enables achieving the strategic direction and strategies and actions.