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Requests for Review of Regional Plans

Alberta Land Stewardship Regulation

Provides clear rules for Albertans concerning the implementation of regional plans under the Land-use Framework. Regulations guide the Request for Review process including the submission of an application. 


Alberta Land Stewardship Act Rules of Practice for Conducting Reviews of Regional Plans

Section 10(1) of the Alberta Land Stewardship Regulation permits the Stewardship Minister to establish rules respecting the conduct of a review by a panel.


Code of Conduct for Panels Established Under Section 19.2 of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act

Sets out the proper practices of the review panel with respect to confidentiality, integrity, impartiality, and conflicts of interest or apparent conflicts of interest.


Lower Athabasca Regional Plan Review Panel Recommendations

In response to Requests for Review of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan by six First Nations and one Metis community, panel members conducted a review and submitted their recommendations to government on June 22, 2015.  



The Government of Alberta continues to develop and implement, in consultation with Albertans, seven regional land-use plans to achieve Alberta’s long-term social, economic and environmental goals based on a foundation of good environmental management.  Regional plans become legal instruments once approved by Cabinet. As such, the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) contains provisions for any person who is directly and adversely affected by a regional plan to request a review of the plan.


To support this process, the Government of Alberta has created a standing roster of candidates from which it may select members to participate in review panels for regional plans. The role of the review panel is to consider the review requests and provide recommendations to the Government of Alberta. On June 23, 2014, the first panel was established to conduct a review of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan. Their recommendations were submitted in June 2015. 



Candidate Roster 

The roster identifies candidates who may participate in a formal review of a regional plan. (This is not a regional plan development activity nor is it a Regional Advisory Council nomination.) Reviews are specifically described in ALSA in section 19.2 and in the Regulations, and occur in response to applicants submitting a formal Request for Review application. 


Once the roster is established, candidates sit on the roster for between two to three years. The roster consists of a broad range of stakeholders and individuals with a background or interest in property rights, First Nations, business, environment, and rural or urban interests. Candidates from the roster are invited to participate in panels based on the subject matter of the review and the candidate’s area of expertise. For additional information, refer to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the candidate roster and review panels.



Selection of Candidates

The Government of Alberta selects, through an Expression of Interest public advertising campaign, candidates for the roster based on the following requirements and experience:


· A resident of Alberta;

· Able to commit to an intensive process. Effort and time commitment will vary dependent upon the nature of each review, but reviews will not exceed one year from the time the panel is appointed;

· Able to travel to attend meetings, if required; and

· Committed to becoming knowledgeable on ALSA, associated regulations, and the regional plan which is the focus of the review.


Candidates should have demonstrated:

· Expertise (i.e., work experience, education or volunteer work) in one or more of the following areas: land management or planning; natural resource management; stewardship and conservation; or Aboriginal traditional land-use;

· Ability to take complex and voluminous information and diverse points of view into consideration to make reasoned and practical recommendations to government;

· Ability to work collaboratively with other panel members in an advisory capacity and under tight timelines;

· General knowledge of land-use planning in Alberta;

· Experience working with legislation and written submissions;

· Experience with administrative agencies, administrative law or administrative decision-making; and

· Experience providing advice and recommendations to government or other bodies.



Panel Members

Candidates from the roster may be invited to participate on a specific panel. Once appointed by the Stewardship Minister to a panel, members may consider review requests and provide recommendations to the Government of Alberta within one year of being appointed to the panel. Panel members receive an honorarium in accordance with the Government of Alberta Remuneration Order. Travel within Alberta may be required and travel expenses are reimbursed.


Rules are outlined in ALSA, theAlberta Land Stewardship Regulation, the Alberta Land Stewardship Act Rules of Practice for Conducting Reviews of Regional Plans and the Code of Conduct for Panels Established Under Section 19.2 of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act.