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 Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA)

Established the legal basis for the development of regional plans under the Land-use Framework.

Alberta Land Stewardship Regulation

Provides clear rules for Albertans concerning the implementation of regional plans under the Land-use Framework.






Title holders who face unnecessary hardship may apply for a variance (Form LUS-02, 5 pages) from one or more provisions in a regional plan. The following applications for variance have been filed and addressed:






Ministerial Order

Application for Variance

by Cenovus FCCL Ltd,

November 16, 2012

Lower Athabasca Region

Application and Attachment A

Application Attachment B

Application Maps and Figures

Ministerial Order 40/2012

Application for Variance

by AltaLink,

August 13, 2013

Lower Athabasca Region

Application Letter

Application Form

Application Submission

Application Appendices

Ministerial Order 01/2013

Application for Variance

by Enbridge Pipelines Inc,

February 27, 2015

Lower Athabasca Region

Application Letter



Ministerial Order 12/2015



Learn more about the nature and effect of regional plans or refer directly to the Alberta Land Stewardship Act and the Alberta Land Stewardship Regulation for important rules, deadlines, procedures and more.